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HV Power Transformers

20-600 MVA upto 525 kV
4-125 MVA upto 170 kV

IG Capital products are the result of a continious research and development. Advanced technology and selected materials are used on the products. As a result of this, customers are always satisfied with the quality of Tara offered products.


Mv Power Transformers

MV Power transformers are for the co-generation and industrial plants. This kind of transformers are faced with unexpected voltage variations during switching connection and disconnection to HV so these conditions need to be taken into account during design process.


Distribution Transformers

IG Capital has close relationship with its customers and know very well their needs. As a result of this TARA supplies special type of Distribution Transformers with radiators or corrugated walls, furnished with conservator or hermetically selaed type with corrugated walls and without conservator.


Dry Type Transformers

Dry type transformers have following advantages:

  • saving in installation
  • low operational expenses
  • maximum safety
  • high performance
  • maintenance free
  • high reliability
  • low noise level for installation in residental areas and high buildings


    Special Type Transformers

    TARA supplies:

  • Auto transformers
  • Furnace transformers
  • Step-up transformers
  • Rectifier transformers
  • Generator type transformers according to the customers' needs.

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    24 KV Metal Clad Cubicle Air Insulated Switchboard

    24 KV Metal Clad Cubicle is an indoor, metal-clad switchgear unit intended for the MV section of HV/MV subtations and high power MV/MV substations. 24 KV Metal Clad Cubicle adapts to all electrical power distribution requirements from 1 to 17,5 kV.


    36 KV Metal Clad Cubicle Air Insulated Switcboard

    36 KV Metal Clad Cubicle is metal-enclosed switchgear with withdrawable units designed for indoor installation. It is designed for the MV section of HV/MV substations and high-power MV/MV substations. 36 KV Metal Clad Cubicle is suitable for all electrical power distribution requirements from 1 to 40,5 kV.


    24 KV Ring Main Unit Automatic Transfer System

    A MV power supply interruption is unacceptable especially in critical applications, because of this an automatic system is required for MV source transfer. 24 KV Ring Main Unit is enables automatic control and management of power sources in your medium voltage secondary distribution network with a short transfer time(less than 10rnseconds), guaranteeing the hi-reliability of your installation.


    36 KV Metal Enclosed Cubicle Modular Units

    36 KV Metal Enclosed Cubicle units are used for the MV section in MV/LV transformer substations in public distribution system and MV consumer or distribution substations from 10 kV to 36 kV.

    36 KV Metal Enclosed Cubicle units are designed for indoor installations(IP3X).


    Ringmaster Unit

    Ringmaster unit has the solutionrnfor all medium voltage applications, such as simple transformer protection,rnsectionalising with remote control to multi- panel metered consumer switchboards.

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    Transmission Lines


    OHTL Towers

    We supply Overhead Energy Transmission and Distribution line towers up to 750kV. Customers are served by providing high quality products at competitive prices as well as after sale services. Customers supported starting from tendering stage, through out the completion of the projects.


    Telecommunication Towers

    We supply telecommunication towers that is preferred by reputable companies such as Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola, Huawei and NSN.

    We can supply different desisgns according to customers' requirements. Designs includes but not limited to 4 leg angular lattice, 3 leg tubular, monopole towers, rofftop poles, guyed masts.

    We have our design team. American Standard TIA-EIA-222-g employed. Our designs got approval of civil engineering departments, universities and various other organizations.


    Substation Structures

    Product range includes gantry and support structures, platforms, steel buldings, railway catenaries, solar panel ad wind turbine supports and accessories up to 750kV.

    We can prepare workshop drawings based on customer owned designs. We are proud to serve global companies like Siemens, Areva, ABB, Ge, Isolux, Schneider, Cegelec, Statnett.


    Wooden Poles

    We supply impregnated wood poles for telecommunication and overhead power lines. Impregnated wood pole is used as a vertical support for telecommunication and overhead power lines.

    It is made of lean and round pieces of timber of suitable dimensions. We remove the bark and apply the process of impregnation with special chemical substances to provide protection against decay caused by biological agents as for ex. fungi, insects, bacteria and some water animals. Impregnated wood poles are installed directly in the ground or on a concrete foundation.

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    Lighting Poles


    Standard Lighting Poles

    Standard lighting poles consisting of one piece for a pole height of up to 12 m and more than one steel body of polygonal section for heights more than 12 m. Our pole body calculation is designed to bear maximum 4 brackets.


    High Masts

    High masts are supplied at each size and the pole is only one galvanized polygonal section steel body or more than one steel body joined by the slip-joint method. Our poles meet the customer needs of quality, safety and durability.

    High masts are available in various types, which include Platform, Step bolts and Rungs, Ladder with safety cage, internal ladder, raising and lowering system types.


    Stadium Lighting Poles

    Stadium lighting poles can be supplied at any size and designed by joining more than one steel body of polygonal section up to 50 m height using the slip-joint method.

    Our pole types are mainly as follows depending on the climbing system:

    - Stadium lighting poles with cages ladders,
    - Stadium lighting poles with internal ladders,
    - Stadium lighting poles with a raising and lowering system.


    High Masts With a Raising and Lowering System

    Lighting poles with a raising and lowering system are the primary pole types that are most widely used in a variety of fields such as lighting of open areas, squares and motorway intersections, parking lots, airports, aprons and harbors etc.

    There is an access door and a cover at the bottom body of the pole, which may be used to intervene with the system and to protect it against outside effects, together with a panel to control the entire system. This system also makes the maintenance of the floodlights easier.

    The market for high masts has considerably developed over recent years by comparing their easy use, aesthetical appearance and safety features.


    Round Conical Lighting Poles

    Round conical lighting poles provide alternatives for the cases where polygonal lighting poles are not desired. These poles can be supplied in one piece with a lenght of up to 12 m and they are conical shaped.

    All bracket types used in Standard lighting poles can be installed on round conical poles. Since round conical lighting poles are conic in shape, they are more economical than the poles made of pipe and more significant aesthetic appearance.


    Decorative Lighting Poles

    Our decorative poles can be supplied in round conical section or polygonal section. Round poles can be in conical or cylindrical shape. Pole brackets are designed in various concepts, in forms giving significance to the aesthetics. Our round lighting poles are supplied in embedded type or as anchor bolted joint form, with galvanized coating or paint finish over the galvanizing.

    Finish coating can be provided in all RAL codes upon the requirements of the customers. In addition, we have options for the base section as cast and composite, which gives emphasis to the aesthetics for the lower part of the pole.

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    Low Voltage Cables

    From single core unarmoured to multi-core armouredrncables and self-supporting cables, we can provide products for all types of lowrnvoltage power applications. These products are designed to meet the mostrnimportant international specifications, including: IEC, B.S, VDE, I.C.E.A, A.I.E.C.


    Medium Voltage Cables

    We cooperate with manufacturer that already beenrnmanufacturing medium voltage cables for many years for very well known brands.rnWe supply cables that designed to meet the most important international specifications, including I.E.C.B.S. V.D.E, I.C.E.A./A.I.E.C. These cables havernvery low electrical loss compare to their similiars and they are used in cablernducts, outdoor &indoor installations, under ground where the short circuitrnlevels are highsuch as urban and industrial areas fed by electrical energy.rnThey are also used under normal and salty water if specially produced.rnPermissible operating temperature is 90oC, permissible short-circuitrntemperature is 250oC. These cables are produced according to TS IECrn60502-2, IEC 60502-2, VDE 0276-620


    High Voltage Cables

    We have experience in supplying all types of high voltage cables systems throughout the world to meet requirements of the customer with full capability.

    These cables are single core PROTOTHEN-X insulated cable with stranded copper conductor, inner and outer semi conductive layers on conductor and insulation, copper wire screen, swelling tape, polyethylene outer sheath. They are produced according to special specifications. Permissible operating temperature is 90oC, permissible short circuit temperature is 250o C. (for short circuit duration up to 5 sec.)


    Special Cables

    We also have special cables in our product range. These cables are;

  • Ship cables
  • Control cables
  • Rubber insulated cables
  • Automotive cables
  • Elevator cables
  • Airport Runway cables


    AFUMEX Cables

    AFUMEX cables are the safe choice for cables in achieving the continuity of the electrical supply up to 180 minutes under fire conditions. State of art cable insulation materials and techniques are employed to provide the flame retardancy with lower toxic gas evolutions and significantly lower smoke density, thereby ensuring better visibility in the ambient during fire and ensuring safety of lives. Due to its zero halogen content, corrosive emissions into the immediate environment are totally eliminated, securing the material integrity for electrical, electronic and metal structures.


    Building Wires

    We supply a full range of low voltage building wiring products which are commonly used in residential and commercial construction wiring. PVC, AFUMEX and Fire Resistant product ranges are available, tailored to meet the requirements of national markets around the world. The building wires we offer are manufactured and tested in accordance with International Harmonised standards or local specifications.


    Aluminium Conductors

    We supply following types of aluminium conductors:

    - ACSR(Aluminium conductor steel reinforced) is used for very high, high and medium voltage overhead transmission lines"TS-IEC 1089-CSA C49.1- ASTM B232-EN 50182 or customer standard.

    - AAC(All aluminium conductors) is used for low voltage overhead distribution lines "TS-IEC 1089- CSA C49.1-ASTM B232-EN50182 or customer standard.