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Coal-Fired Plant

Coal Fired Plant, Construction cost estimates for new coal-fired power plants are very uncertain and have increased significantly in recent years. The industry is using terms like “soaring,” “skyrocketing,” and “staggering” to describe the cost increases being experienced by coal plant construction projects.

These cost increases have been driven by a worldwide competition for power plant design and construction resources, commodities, equipment and manufacturing capacity. Moreover, there is little reason to expect that this worldwide competition will end anytime in the foreseeable future.

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Gas-Fired Plant

IG Capital gas power plants use natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel available, in the most economical way. This is possible thanks to their high efficiency at any load and unbeatable flexibility to start and stop exactly according to needs.

Besides the combination of efficiency and flexibility, these gas power plants also offer low emissions, and can provide a great amount of power in a reduced site, making it the optimal solution for locations where minimizing the environmental impact is a priority. As such, they can be placed close to consumption nodes, optimizing the power system. IG Capital gas power plants can use following fuels: natural gas, LNG, LPG and various biogases.

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Gas Generator set comprises of the combustion engine, generator, coupling, base frame and elastical mountings arrangement. The engine and generator are rigidly mounted on the base frame. This unit is described as a CHP set and is used to generate electricity and heat.

Merit order effect influences the chances for profitability of the CCGT plant. Currently, renewables have grid least total generation costs followed by nuclear and coal-fired power plants. Gas fired power plants generated electricity is way more expensive, but with decommissioning of nuclear and coal-fired plants the situation will change. Gas power plants will have to operate supportive to renewables and ensure the grid stability and reliable electricity and energy supply. CCGT are capable to respond to generation drops exceptionally fast and provide reliable electricity supply.

CCGT power plant investments pay off when the plant is able to operate more than 4000 operating hours per year, selling electricity to the grid. As currently due to merit order effect this is hardly possible, the plant should possess further features or be able to operate in diverse operation modes rather than the pure combined cycle.

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Retrofit and Repowering

Nations around the world are gearing up for a substantial expansion in renewable energy to offset concerns over energy security and to meet strict environmental targets and timetables. When it comes to wind power most of the focus is being put on offshore projects and the promise of larger than ever wind farms and turbines far out to sea. But operators and developers should not be so quick to downplay the potential of the onshore wind sector.

Repowering can refer to a single wind turbine or to a whole wind farm replacing part or all of the turbines before the end of their lifetime with new more efficient and more powerful machines. It can also be used to rearrange the location of the turbines in order to better integrate them into the local planning of residential areas.

Repowering and retrofitting offer a sustainable and profitable path forward and the opportunity should be grasped by all.