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Water Technology Provider and System Integration

Capital IG is a technology provider and system integrator specializing in the delivery of international projects in water, agriculture, and energy industries. We deliver critical technical solutions across control and automation, panel design and build, digitalization and satellite connectivity, GIS and remote sensing applications.


We support the water industry from traditional control systems, system integration, SCADA, telemetry, PLC replacements and upgrades evolving into application of digital solutions such as GIS, remote sensing, IoT and data analytics. Our automation expertise covers the following:

Siemens: Systems from Siemens such as SICAM, PCS7, TIA Portal, COROS, WinCC and all the components of the Simatic S5 and S7 family.

ABB: Various ABB systems ranging from the RTU 560, the ADVANT family, Symphony Melody, Freelance and MicroSCADA to the current 800xA family.

We offer automation solutions for well-head stations, pumping stations, flow and pressure control stations. We also offer expertise in the control center covering SCADA, pipeline simulation and leak-detection software solutions and training simulators.

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We support utilities being water and energy companies to make use of their data and adopt industry 4.0 technology and solutions. We do this in all the data value chain to support utilities achieve their energy transition and optimization targets. We offer the following expertise:

IT systems and solutions architecture: We design and build on-premise and cloud-based IT solutions for data storage, processing, and data analytics.

IoT Solutions: We design and install sensors for the specific application for the health monitoring and diagnostics of critical assets such as pumping stations, well-head stations, power transformers, remote substations and mobile generators. We establish connectivity using terrestrial networks, and when not available we use IoT satellite communication.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Solutions

With our partners we specialize in the development of intelligent enterprise-wide geospatial data solutions serving the water and energy industries. We offer the following GIS services:

  • GIS consulting
  • Solution architecture and database design
  • Geographic imaging
  • Applications development
  • Web-based portals
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    Remote Sensing Services

    We provide earth observation services using satellites and drones. Services such as: surveys, mapping, inspections and construction monitoring. We serve various customers in the oil& gas, agriculture, and electricity industries

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    Gas Terminal

    Natural gas is cheap, clean burning and abundant. As power plants burning other types of fuel, especially coal, are retired or converted, the use of natural gas for electricity generation is expected to increase substantially. This growing energy market share for natural gas has made it a popular investment.

    Natural gas is a mixture of gases consisting mostly of methane, along with small amounts of both hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon gases. Natural gas is millions of years old and was formed when plants and animals decayed and were buried under silt, sand and rock.

    With the relatively recent trend toward using natural gas for the generation of electricity, however, this cyclical behavior has changed. The demand for natural gas heating still dips in the summer, but natural gas is now used to generate the electricity to power commercial and residential cooling. This results in a new spike in demand in the summer. The summer spike is smaller than the winter spike, but it's not insignificant. As the use of natural gas to generate electricity increases in the future, this summer spike will grow larger.

    These demand spikes may be different from year to year. With a warmer winter, the demand for natural gas used for heating will be smaller than usual, resulting in a smaller demand peak. A colder winter will result in a larger peak. Similarly, hotter summers will cause a larger summer peak, while cooler summers will result in a smaller summer peak.

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    IG Capital is a multinational company specializing in pipeline services. Our focus is developing and implementing solutions for corrosion/abrasion protection of your new pipeline, and rehabilitation of existing pipes with no-dig methods.

    In many cases this involves a combination of methods including traditional pipeline installation alongside no-dig installations. With our global partners we provide local knowledge combined with our technology, which is used in many industries and applications.

    Our client base includes mining companies, oil and gas industry leaders, and a variety of municipal and industrial operators. IG Capital can handle all aspects of your project, or work closely with your engineer and contractor to deliver one of our specialties.

    IG Capital

    Fuel Dispenser

    You've invested your future in your petrol station. And that's why you need a future-ready dispenser. With various configurations that address your site or network's needs, you can rest assured that you're investing in a fueling dispenser that's ready to serve your through-put needs, and delight your customers.

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    Motor Oil

    When it's time for an oil change, which oil is right for your engine? The answer to that question gets more complex every day. The latest engines are getting smaller and more powerful all the time, and manufacturers are specifying complex full synthetic oils to cope with higher engine pressures and meet fuel efficiency targets.

    If you're driving a muscle car or a European import, the manufacturer may well specify a full synthetic motor oil. Alternatively if you're driving an older domestic vehicle, the manufacturer may recommend a conventional oil. However, even though that's the most economical option, a full synthetic will almost certainly look after your engine better.

    IG Capital

    Carwash Machine

    Cleaning parts in contact with the material such as transport and blending containers, drums, funnels, components from production facilities, etc., is an essential part of the manufacturing process in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industry.

    For this reason, IG is using standard solutions to create, together with customers, cleaning designs or equipment which fulfills requirements for reproducibility and validatibility. The basic solutions are semi-automatic washing and drying stations as well as fully automatic single- and double-chamber cleaning equipment. This program is extended with small parts cleaning equipment and WIP stations.